About Metier Express!

Metier Express Solutions Pvt Ltd is a professionally managed logistics company focused on providing express delivery of courier and cargo on time and every time. We are on a continuous mission to simplify the delivery chain management process using innovative handling methods which ensures swift and secure end to end logistic movements. With technology as the heart of our model, the integration of interactive and functional technology has made handling every shipment a conscious process.

Our team of experienced logistics professionals instantly add value to your business. The team envisages the unique requirements and additional support needs a small and mid–sized business can encounter while dealing with domestic and international shipments and takes complete responsibility to ensure its timely delivery.

What makes Metier stand out is the fact that we can anticipate the precise operation process that entails the pickup and delivery of a particular shipment. Due to the various associations with our fellow agents, the commercials are at the bare minimum for the customer. Our industry experiences enable us to maintain efficiency relatively at lower costs making the engagement a value for money proposition.

Our sustained and deliberate effort in maintaining timely delivery with cost-effective logistic solution add to our credibility and make us one of the most reliable logistics companies in the country. We promise to keep up the standard and up the speed by innovative techniques to emerge as the Number One player in the industry in the nearest future.

Our Solutions

Domestic Courier

The network established between 400+ locations in the country helps in delivering packages within the stipulated time.

Express Cargo

Do you have a deadline to be met? Commercial and personal shipments with narrow timeline.


We collaborate with major e-commerce companies across the country and help them deliver their packages keeping in mind their business sensitivities.

Priority Cargo

Some selected destinations can avail this service. Part or full shipment to selected locations with time boundaries.

Same Day Delivery

The name says it all. For major cities, package delivery within the city is made possible on the same day.

Freight / Value Collect

The cash on delivery service is a major boost for customers where the receiver bears the cost.

Hub to Hub Services

The traveling generation of today gets the best out of this option. Visit the nearest MEx hub to drop.

FTL Services

Bulk cargo of full truck mode with scheduled delivery time between commercial centers.

Mail Room Management

Decades of Industry experience has given us the expertise to manage the required services for any mailrooms.

Our Strength

Certain specific value additions as below make us the most progressive logistics company in India.

Team with Rich Industrial Experience

Our Industry experience is what makes us distinct from big players. Our industry experience is what makes us distinct from big.

Continuous Innovation & Improvement

We continue to improvise on economy and speed by innovation and positioned for taking giant leap and emerge as the number.

Cost Effective Logistics Solution

Our continuous efforts in maintaining on-time delivery while providing cost-effective logistic solution adds to our credibility.

Simplified Delivery Chain Management Process

We are on a continuous mission to simplify the delivery chain management process, ensuring quick and safe delivery.

Innovative and Unique Design of the Fleet

Eliminates operational flaws and makes every vehicle a mobile office.

Choosing the Right and the Most Efficient Line Haul

Helps us in getting our shipments injected in to the right network at the right time.

Creating a Metier Community of MEx Entrepreneurs

Who diligently carry out every process of operations at the first and the last mile with a common mission and vision.

End to End Service Support

Is a way of life in Metier Express which makes us the most customer-friendly organisation in this segment.


Do you have a deadline to be met?